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925 Sterling Silver Double-Layered Knot Ring

925 Sterling Silver Double-Layered Knot Ring

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  • Material: Crafted with precision from 18K gold-plated, 925 sterling silver, and adorned with sparkling Zircon details.

  • Care Instructions: Preserve its radiance by avoiding wear during exercise, preventing the formation of silver chloride and copper sulfide. This ensures long-lasting beauty and durability.

  • Imported Opulence: Sourced globally for refined style, this double-layered knot ring seamlessly blends sophistication with international allure.

  • Perfect Fit for Every Finger:

    • Size 5: Circumference 2 inches
    • Size 6: Circumference 2 inches
    • Size 7: Circumference 2.2 inches
    • Size 8: Circumference 2.3 inches
    • Size 9: Circumference 2.4 inches
    • Size 10: Circumference 2.4 inches
  • Weight: A substantial 2.9 ounces (81.65 grams), adding a touch of weighty elegance to your ensemble.

Elevate your style with this meticulously crafted, double-layered knot ring—a true symbol of sophistication and timeless allure.

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